End of the road?

A not so cheery mid-week post.

It was with great trepidation that I went to hospital today to attend my orthopaedic out patients appointment. I’ve had a problem with my right great toe joint for over 3 years now and have tried various solutions – ignoring it, pain killers, podiatrists etc. etc. (all to no avail).

The news was kind of what I expected given what my podiatrist had told me. The only solution to my problem is surgery. It was confirmed today that at 39 years old, I have osteoarthritis.

So, the decision… Surgery is likely to be September, subject to an MRI to confirm damage to the joint. After surgery I will be in plaster for 6 weeks. So, do I go ahead and train until date of surgery, hope that recovery isn’t too bad and do Dopey regardless? Or do I delay surgery until after Dopey?

Oh, and advice is, no running after the surgery 😦

No training tonight – on a bit of a downer 😦

3 thoughts on “End of the road?

  1. Oh that’s not fun. Would doing dopey make it worse? And can you deffer your registration for another year?
    Maybe swimming if you can. It’s less impact but still works the muscles and cardio.

  2. Any running before surgery will make it worse, running after surgery will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. Post surgery the procedure is only good for approx. 5 years without running. So looks like Dopey will be the last. Ever. Not looked into deferring, but think from memory Disney don’t allow. Will need to check.

  3. solutions – ignoring it – sounds funny, but please.. don’t just ignore it.. I did ignore my joint pains before and just took painkillers (different brands and dose) and it got worst. The level of pain gradually increased and it came to a point where I couldn’t even stand straight… I tried physical therapy and chiro, but they didn’t work on me, so I switched to stem cell treatment. It was my second time to have the same treatment with the same ortho surgeon (Dr Purita). First, was because of my Achilles Tendonitis… it was great, so I came back to him… the treatment for my arthritis took 5 weeks and I was able to get the beneficial effects of it 3 months later… Anyways, I know that joint pains is like a roller coaster.. there are times that you can feel it and times that you don’t… it is still good to have it checked than be sorry… I hope that you will be able to find the suitable treatment for you too… 🙂

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