Week 2 Training: June 24 – June 30

Miss Piggy

Training Summary:

Bike – 8.8 miles, Swim – 1,500m, Run/Walk – 6.6 miles

I have to confess, that week 2 of training got off to a good, easier start than I expected.  Maybe this exercise lark isn’t quite so bad after all.

Monday was a blustery day (think Pooh Bear!), so the cycle route was going to be a little more difficult.  Right enough, got out to William Street and was faced with a fairly strong head wind.  We made our way along the path and it certainly felt like we were going a lot slower than last week.  My new padded cycling shorts, however, made the distance pass so much more comfortably!  Distance covered – 6.88 miles – 43:12 – a whole 2 seconds faster than last time!!  If that was with a strong head wind, things are looking up :-).

Tuesday was treadmill day – plan said run 7 mins, walk 1 min x 3, but on reflection, for my second week, I realised this was way too much too soon.  Instead, I opted for run 4 mins, walk 2 mins x 4.  Distance covered 2.11 miles.  Average 13:47 min/mile.

Wednesday is swim day – 1,500 meters this week – would have been easier had the sound system in the pool area at the gym been working.  I’ve decided that without music, swimming lengths is boring!

Back to the treadmill on Thursday again.  Again, I varied from the plan to do run 4 mins, walk 2 mins x 5 (spot the trend!).  Distance covered 2.48 miles.  Average 14:09 min/mile.

So the end to another week was nigh – well working week at least.  Now, I’m not one to look for excuses (hmmm?!), but it was even windier on Friday than it had been on Monday.  It was wet (or had been) and the thought of humphing the bikes in and out of the car did not appeal (even though I don’t actually do anything to put them in/take them out!).  So, needless to say, it didn’t take much encouragement for Mr Mullen to agree that we would leave our cycle for Friday.

Saturday was to be treadmill day.  But alas, already laziness had gotten the better of me.  Destined to fail before I’ve properly started – this is not good.  My head was down all day, wishing I had just made the effort to go to the gym.

So, with renewed vigor, on Sunday morning, I made the 6 min journey to the gym – yes, it’s only 6 minutes away in the car – so no excuse for not going!!  Plan was to do Saturday’s 2 mile run and make up for the missing bike ride on Friday.  Distance covered 2.01 miles.  Average 13:35 min/mile.

I opted to use the bike with the seat that has a back (as recommended by my physio), but for whatever reason, I just did not find it comfortable.  Distance covered – 2 miles.  Better than nothing I suppose.

So, Week 2 Training, complete with its ups and downs – DONE!

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