Week 1 Training: June 17 – June 23

Training Summary:

Bike – 14 miles, Swim – 1,000m, Run/Walk – 5.2 miles.

It was with great trepidation that week 1 of training started.  It’s been over 2 years since I did any running (inagural Scottish Kilomathon), and an ongoing foot injury and being on the slightly portly side, did not bode well!

Monday was a “break me in gently” day – or meant to be!  It ended up being 7.2 miles along a local cycle path.  First time I’d been on my bike for I don’t know how many years!  Tracked the route using mapmyfitness (great app) and it worked out at 7.2miles in 50 mins.  Not the greatest of starts.  My backside was left feeling as though I was sitting on golf balls.  Add new padded cycling shorts and a gel seat to the shopping list asap!

Tuesday was the first “running” day.  Now, I’ve picked up a Jeff Galloway training plan which is specifically designed for the Dopey Challenge.  It was due to start on July 1, so I have a couple of weeks to “break” myself in – hopefully not literally!  So, first “run” ended up being run 4 mins, walk 2 mins x 2 – distance covered 1.2 miles – well, you gotta start somewhere!!

Wednesday – 1,000m swim.  Swimming isn’t a strong point (neither is running!), so this was an achievment in itself managing to swim that far without drowning!

Thursday – run 4 mins, walk 2 mins x 2 – distance covered 1.66 miles – wow –  managed to up my pace (if you can call it that) a little.

Friday – along the same cycle route as Monday.  This time, mapmyfitness tells me it’s only 6.83miles – WTF??  Oh well, still, managed to do it in 43:14 this time.  Excellent progress!

Saturday.  Well, what can I say, the plan says 2 miles.  Now, the weekend is always going to be my hardest time for getting out there and excercising.  Basically because I’m a lazy ass!  So instead of going to the gym, I opted for walking the dogs.  All four of them.  At separate times I hasten to add!  Distance covered – 2.42 miles.

Week 1 Training – DONE!

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